La Salud: The Black Virgin of Health

Rommel Rubia, OAR


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9.5 inches x 10 inches
Dimension: 9.5 inches x 10 inches
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Number of Pages: 133
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Hard bound
Cover Type: Hard bound
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Unit Price: PHP 1.500.00
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The image of Nuestra Senora de la Salud is one of the most cherished treasures of the Filipino Recollect Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno. Though currently kept in the museum for safe keeping, it is in the wish list of every Filipino Recollect to see her enthroned once again in a shrine worthy of her honor. Though forgotten by most Filipinos, she always had a special place in the heart of each and every Filipino Recollect. In this small Marian image, the Recollects see the Marian dimension of their mission in this part of the world.